I spent an incredible (and hot!) wedding day on 8/03 at the Atkinson Resort and Country club with Katie and Tyler amid gigantic blue skies, matching flowers and M&Ms, and…tears of joy.

Atkinson Country Club is a rich venue with huge skies, lush landscaping, and (my personal favorite), architectural elements. We were graced by the fragrant talents of Susanne’s Weddings and the personality of Steve Ossinger with Main Event and of course, the radiance of the lovely Katie as she prepared to meet her groom, Tyler.

I was accompanied by the sharply talented Peter Martin who rode shotgun with me and reeled in some awesome shots of Tyler, the ceremony, and the dance revolution that ensued thanks to Steve the DJ, the bartender, and a hot summer night.

Peeking! 🙂

The guys were quite resourceful at accelerating their getting ready process.

Shot by Peter Martin

Shot by Peter Martin

Shot by Peter Martin

Katie and Tyler had custom M&Ms made to match their color theme. Somehow more delicious than the normal colors 🙂

Shot by Peter Marin

Katie’s mom, Dawna, helped her with her veil and other finishing touches before the ceremony.

A moment with dad before the wedding.

Tyler gave his groomsmen new personalized shades as a pre-wedding gift.

Shot by Peter Martin

 The girls however were not about to be outdone.

Katie was radiant before the ceremony.

At the wine cellar.

Susanne is so efficient at laying out her handiwork and scaboodling out that I rarely get a chance to talk with her, until today! She came in to say hello to Katie before departing to her next wedding engagement and we got to catch up a bit.

Katie named her dress “Isadora” haha. Isadora and I got along pretty well.

Katie  and Isadora prepare for their appearance.

Alas the moment has come. Katie’s father and grandfather walk her down the aisle as the wind blows through her cathedral veil.

Shot by Peter Martin

Shot by Peter Martin

Shot by Peter Martin

Katie’s father gets a twirl.

Katie and Tyler, it was an extraordinary pleasure to work and tell the story of your wedding. Congrats and happiness to you both!

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