Scott and Bethany – New Hampshire Wedding Photographer at Three Chimneys Inn Durham NH and The Oaks Somersworth NH

As Bethany and I both fixed our eyes on the forecast the week of Thanksgiving we were delighted to see sunny blue skies on the way. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 24, 2012, was a day which Scott and Bethany had anticipated with swelling excitement ever since we met and I got to spend time with them for their engagement session in downtown Boston last summer. We were indeed blessed with sunny blue skies, though the late New England autumn did not let us forget the season (more coming on that!).

I had such an incredible time spending the day immersed among loving family, dear friends, and a couple whose love and fondness of each other radiated into my lens. I was joined for the day by Andrew Davis who shot with me and lent his talent to the wedding proceedings.

Andrew and I met Scott and Bethany at the Three Chimneys Inn in Durham, NH under a grand blue sky and pleasant sunlight. I only paused for a brief moment to ponder the presence of a mere two chimneys on the building and, resolved to not let it befuddle me for the entire day, I quickly resumed focus on the beauty of the surroundings

The warmth and charm of the inn’s interior greeted me as I passed through the quaint sitting rooms and passed the Coppers Cafe and tavern.

I found the programs laid out carefully at the entrance to the ballroom each hand-bound with the same deep royal which comprised the wedding color theme.

 As I explored outside I grew excited to bring Scott and Bethany through the grounds for the first look and photos afterward.

 I met Bethany in the bridal suite atop the beautiful carriage house where her mother Marcia, father Gary, sister Alexis, and her closest friends surrounded her and helped her prepare for her wedding day. The atmosphere of the room was filled with liveliness, excitement, and fun.

Gorgeous soft daylight poured through the windows of the carriage house suite and splashed over the country decor and elegant trimmings.

I used the fancy furniture and settings to complement Bethany’s dress, shoes, and flowers.

The room came with it’s own little terriers to provide some decorative company to guests. They were very well behaved for the camera.

The peacock plumage on Bethany’s shoes were a favorite touch. Love it!

Meanwhile, Andrew spent time with with Scott, his twin brother, Jason, and close friends.

Photo by Andrew Davis

Photo by Andrew Davis

Photo by Andrew Davis

Photo by Andrew Davis

 This is the second time I have had the chance to photograph the lovely Molly Trolley provided by by Wolfeboro Trolley Company.

Photo by Andrew Davis

At last, the time has come for Bethany to ready herself to meet her groom. She is assisted by her mother and sister while friend, Michelle, watches the preparations.

As Marcia sees Bethany fitted into her wedding gown, she is overcome by the moment.

Sometimes there is economy in cooperation 🙂

Bethany poses with her sister, Alexis. 

At last the moment has come for Scott to meet his bride on their wedding day. We made our way down to the bridge nearby where Scott waited. It was during this time when we all realized that the sun was not the only factor which controlled our comfort on this brisk chilly day. The air temp in the low to mid 40s coupled with 20-30 mph winds definitely had us rubbing our hands together!

Little did I know, Scott was quite prepared as you will soon see.

Bethany’s cousin, Catherine, accompanied her to the bridge where Scott was waiting with his back turned. This part of the story tells itself.

Photo by Andrew Davis

Photo by Andrew Davis

Photos by Andrew Davis

The guys tried their best to observe from a vantage point nearby in the park.

Photo by Andrew Davis

Scott had brought electric hand warmers to share with Bethany.

Photo by Andrew Davis

After we took a couple quick photos on the bridge, everyone was able to gather and try to warm up. The wedding party made their way back to the inn while Bethany, Scott and I finished with some adorable images outside before making our own way in.

Alas, the time has come for the reason that we have all gathered here today. After a nice respite in a warm, cozy room in the inn, Scott  and Bethany took their places and began the next chapter in their story together. Family and friends gathered to witness the exchange of vows in the main ballroom at the inn.

Bethany appears escorted by her father, Gary as guests and Scott react.

Scott watches as Bethany makes her way down the isle as brother, Jason and groomsman, Darek, look on.

Scott watches as his bride approaches.

A tear finds its way into Bethany’s eye as she listens to Scott profess his love for her.

Joy overflows the room as Scott and Bethany make their way through happy onlookers.

Photo by Andrew Davis

Photo by Andrew Davis

The proud parents pose with the bride and groom.

After the ceremony, we made our way to the Grandview Ballroom at the Oaks in Somersworth, NH, one of my favorite venues in NH to photograph at as you may see from reading my blog.

Before we lost the daylight at 4:15 pm, we darted outside with the wedding party to relish the last of the days’ light before the evening activities began. This crew braved freezing cold temperatures and biting wind (and had fun doing it!). I would gladly have tipped my hat to them if I had not needed it for warmth 🙂

The Grandview Ballroom at The Oaks does not disappoint. It is always my pleasure to work with Leslie who does an incredible job of hospitality in welcoming guests and delivering a wonderful experience.

Photo by Andrew Davis

Scott and Bethany presented a special mat where guests could leave their thumbprint as a leaf on branches of the tree.

Photo by Andrew Davis

Scott’s twin brother, Jason, here with his wife Cristina, shows what true love is all about.

As guests passed through the main entryway at the Oaks, they were greeted by photos of Scott and Bethany’s engagement (which I was delighted to see :), flanked by their parents’ and grandparents’ wedding photos.

The ring bearers brought this double nest down the isle at the wedding. It seemed only fitting to photograph the rings in it.

The night was Chris Ialuna of Luna Eclipse DJ Services who I was able to pull away from the dance floor for a moment for a brief photo. Chris is well know for his radio presence in the lakes region of New Hampshire and did a superb job of entertaining and conducting the festivities.

I then handed my DSLR to Chris to return the love. He handled my D3s ably 🙂

Scott. Bethany. It was an extraordinary pleasure having the privilege to tell the story of your wedding in imagery. I can’t wait to see how the next chapter in yours life together unfolds. This is only the beginning.


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  1. Marcia
    Marcia says:

    Ron–What can I say? These are simply spectacular–so far—I just wish that Bethany might have smiled a bit more that day!!! Kidding, of course–you caught her in such an array of moments. Scott’s face shows emotion of every sort and the family are friends are each caught with the happiness that shares B’s and Scotts’. Thank you, I can’t wait to see more!! Marcia

  2. Barb Raynol
    Barb Raynol says:

    Beautiful pictures… showed the many sides of a wedding day -from serious to amusing. Congratulations to Bethany and Scott. They picked a fantastic photographer to capture their special day.

  3. Jeanne
    Jeanne says:

    Beautiful. These are wonderful pictures. You captured the overwhelming love and joy of the day. I am smiling and crying at the same time. But after all, you did have some amazingly special people to photograph. Thanks for sharing. Much love to Bethany and Scott.

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