When I first sat down with Andrea and Keith in my home studio gallery here in Manchester, my ears were glued to their story as it unfolded. I love hearing how they met and came together.

Andrea and Keith met on a ski trip to Loon, they work together, and have been with each other for quite a while. They do not work in a typical office setting though. She is a train engineer, he is a conductor. One day last year Andrea and Keith decided they were getting married, and set themselves on track for planning their summer wedding this past June 23, 2013 and for their life together.

After falling in love with the Harris’ Pelham Inn along Harris Pond in Pelham, NH, they booked their venue and began setting things in motion. We were joined by officiant Steven Dembrow, JP who presided in his usual warm and welcoming style.

I was once again joined by Jaime Connolly and thankful for her talent and personality. Riding the video rig, I was also joined by Peter Martin who took care of our video fusion capture.

The open spaces, giant skies, and waterside views of the Harris Pelham Inn impart splendor and grandness to wedding photography.

The family style seating and banquet service are among the more popular draws of the inn.

Shot by Jaime

The pergola is arrayed in themed decor as the ceremony time approaches.

The couple’s sweetheart table overlooks the spacious dance floor as natural daylight pours through the room.

Shot by Jaime

Jaime met Keith at the Inn before the ceremony.

Shot by Jaime

Shot by Jaime

Shot by Jaime

Meanwhile I arrive at the La Quinta suites nearby over the Salem, NH line to begin photography with Andrea.

I would later meet the three young ladies who I am told were quite excited to wear these tutus for the wedding.

Andrea is attended by her sister and maid of honor Ashley, and matron of honor, Lynn.

Something blue is sewn over Andrea’s heart inside her dress.

Ashley and Lynn assist with finishing touches.

Favorable sentiments (or, team loyalties) expressed through bridal details found a welcoming audience.

Andrea’s and Keith’s mothers have their chance to share a few moments before the wedding while Andrea presents them with gifts.

Andrea shows me her nail dazzle and I remember how much she loves nail art. She had her nails likewise bedazzled during her engagement session with me last fall.

A shot from Andrea and Keith’s engagement session last October:

These three precious young ladies rarely decline a photo opportunity.

This happens to me all the time…

This photo is texted to Keith moments before the ceremony while he waits for her at the inn.

For each grandparent, a token of memory adorns Andrea’s bouquet.

Before her wedding, Andrea told me of a special gift she would present to her father before the ceremony. During a first look with her father, she would present this memento: a framed plaque featuring a photo of Andrea as a young child, and her father dancing with her at her Sweet 16.

Ricardo enters.

We make our way to the lobby to check on timing and await the limo. Andrea signals thumbs up.

I told you this happens to me all the time haha 🙂

Her chariot arrives.

In the bridal suite at the Inn, Andrea and her mother spend a quiet moment together (in front of the air conditioner of course!).

Most thoughtfully, Andrea provided a play and coloring table for the children to enjoy.

As we come to expect from the Harris Pelham Inn, a giant sky gathers, and spreads summer warmth over the ceremony and grounds.

Shot by Jaime

The flower girls dropped rose petals during the procession. Well, two of them did. The youngest couldn’t understand why the other girls were just dropping such beautiful things so she followed behind the first two girls picking them up and putting them in her own basket.

Andrea emerges escorted by her father.

This little dear is still trying to explain how someone had dropped all of their beautiful petals which she was picking up.

JP Steven Dembrow presided. Steven has a way of getting to know each of his clients and talking about them like an old friend.

One of the flower girls is caught in a moment of silliness during the ceremony haha 🙂

At one particular moment during his message, Steven pauses and looks down unexpectedly.

Apparently standing in the heat had just become too much for the poor ring bearer to bear and he needed a consort.

“The ring”, perhaps a gift from one of the young flower girls.

Shot by Jaime

Fortunately Keith brought another ring to “compliment” the pink one.

Steven is a wonderful JP and a gentleman.

 After the wedding as hors devours are served, signs of the heat became even more evident.

We retreat to the shady waterfront area to add the beautiful water scape to our portraits.

Andrea and Keith pose with his two sisters, mother, and father.

Keith and his sisters.

Andrea’s father, mother, sister, son, and two brothers.

There was no trouble having some fun with the wedding party.

I could shoot in front of this setting all day.

Uplighting + candy bar: sweet combination.

The children joined Andrea and Keith during their first dance.

To add to the night’s sweet offerings, dainty gourmet cupcakes arrayed the confection table.

Now as scrumptious as the cupcakes are to the palette, it must be told that Keith is quite clear that he is not a big fan of cake (or cupcakes). As a surprise, Andrea had his own mini-pizza made and brought out that was subsequently cut and fed to him 🙂

Andrea shares a dance with her father.

The open air photo booth kept hopping.

As the evening neared a close, this crew was going strong on the dance floor.

Andrea, Keith, and I stepped out for a short time to enjoy the fabulous evening light afforded to us over the inn’s open field.

Andrea and Keith: It was an extraordinary pleasure to be with you on your wedding day. Thank you for letting me tell your love story. There is more to come!


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