Even though I was not the one getting married on June 22, 2013, I was just about as excited hearing how Angela and Alpay’s wedding plan would unfold. After my last wonderful wedding at The Oaks Grandview Ballroom last November, my good friend (who by the way, was just voted Best Wedding Coordinator in NH!), Leslie Santiago told me about the recent makeover including hardwood floors, bright windows and elegant decor. I was definitely looking forward to spending the evening at the Oaks photographing.

That was just for starters. Angela and Alpay have a magnificent story about coming together, then living afar, each collecting a doctorate in chemistry and launching bright careers, reuniting once again to spend the rest of their lives together. I was all the more excited when Alpay flew from Texas, picked up Angela in Connecticut to join me last fall here in Manchester for their engagement session.  We had a fabulous evening of fun, good photos, and getting to know each other. They make a handsome couple, if I do say so.

As if that was not enough to look forward to, Angela told me her father would drive her to the wedding in a 57 Chevy which he spent the last ten years restoring. There would be fireworks. Exquisite detail. Our own open-air photo booth. And Turkish dancing.

I was once again privileged to be joined by Jaime Connolly who shot second with me and lent her photographic eye and personality. I was also joined by Moriah Sargent who ran the festivities and crazy costumes at the open air photo booth under the awning on the back patio.

I arrive at the Oaks, Leslie and I had a chance to chat and catch up whilst the room unfolded its panoramic splendor. Jaime brought her ultra-wide 14mm lens which wrangles huge perspectives into single photos.

Shot by Jaime

Angela and Alpay’s lives in photos were arrayed in the entry table for guests to see.

Shots by Jaime

Shots by Jaime

The engagement photos that we created last fall decorate the entry and guest tables. I am so glad they enjoy them so much!

Right shot by Jaime

I arrive at Angela’s parents house in Newmarket, NH to find this baby in the drive. A foreshadow of things to come

Jaime joins the guys at the Comfort Inn in Dover, NH where they are getting ready to head up route 108 to the Oaks.

Shot by Jaime
Shot by Jaime

At the Oaks, Jaime and the guys hang out in the golf club lounge.

Shot by Jaime

Meanwhile I get to meet Angela’s parents, her sister, and bridesmaids as their preparations are under way.

This is the first time I have seen someone get airbrushed makeup. Cool 🙂

Her parents’ house has wonderful open spaces and high ceilings where I photographed her dress.

Angela’s mother, Maryann helps her with her dress fitting.

Meagan, Angela’s sister and maid of honor, fastens her necklace.

Angela’s father, Fred, had not yet seen Angela in her wedding dress. As Angela emerges from the dressing room, Fred has his first moment of seeing his daughter as a bride on her wedding day.

My new motto is, “When a father drives his daughter to the wedding in a ’57 Chevy, only good things can happen.”

We arrive at the Oaks where Alpay is awaiting his chance to see Angela for the first time on their wedding day: the first look. Outside on the grass ridge, Alpay awaits. Angela approaches from behind.

One of the most incredible aspects of the Oaks which no other venue can match is this ridge. On this ridge, the earth meets the sky. I use this spot every chance I can. While I photographed the couple coming together, Jaime stood down the hill and snagged this zinger.

Shot by Jaime

Guests have now gathered. Fred and Marryann together walk Angela down the aisle.

This one makes me smile. Okay, it makes me laugh 🙂

And I think this one will make Angela and Alpay smile.

After the ceremony, I love to use the wide expanse of the pond and golf greens. The sky  in the evening is soft in color palette and texture.
Angela’s family: Fred, Maryann, and sister Meagan.

Alpay’s family: sisters Aylin, Sibel; Sevinc, and Turgay.

Did I mention that I like the Chevy?

The newlywed couple make their first introduction as husband and wife.

In accordance with Turkish tradition, Alpay’s parents bestow customary embellishments on their son and new daughter in law.

Angela shares a dance with her loving father. I don’t think all the shoulders are dry in this shot.

I found this funny. Later in the evening after dinner, a crowd had gathered around the bar TV to watch the bruins. We all know how that ended.

Also in accordance with custom, the bride and groom are showered with blessings. And cash. A wise young lady enjoys the fallout.

 The photo booth scarcely had a lull thanks to Moriah and fun loving guests.

Shot by Moriah

The one and only DJ Lori D spun the tracks and carried the atmosphere of the dance floor.

Angela. Alpay. I can’t say how much fun I had with you, sharing this most special of days. Thank you for letting me tell your story. There is so much more to come. This is only the beginning.


Shots by Lori D 🙂

PS: Thanks Lori D for taking my camera and getting these shots of me with the bride and groom!

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  1. Christina
    Christina says:

    A handsome couple indeed! Great work, Ron! I like the one of Angela in the driver’s seat! 🙂

  2. Lori D
    Lori D says:

    What an absolutely beautiful photographic epic journey thru their wedding and reception. You are wonderful, Ron – and Angela and Alpay were one of my favorite couples! It was terrific, you captured it perfectly and it’s such a please to work with you… hope to see you soon :O

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