Agustini and Derek ~ Grandview Ballroom Oaks New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

After a great time creating fun images during Agustini and Derek’s engagement session in Dover NH around the mill yard last fall, I had a feeling that great things would be in store for their wedding. June 28, 2013 arrived and as Agustini talked to me about the plans in store for their wedding, I was even more excited at the photographic opportunities which the day would present.

A catholic wedding mass was planned at Holy Trinity Church in Somersworth, NH. The church’s lush wooden interior, ornate decoratives, and warm incandescent lighting create a rich photographic atmosphere

After the ceremony, I was delighted to return again to the The Grandview Ballroom at the Oaks in Somersworth, NH to work with Leslie Santiago, recently voted best wedding coordinator in New Hampshire by the Union Leader reader survey (Yay Leslie!). It was handy having the hotel, church, and the Oaks all within 10 minutes of each other in Dover and Somersworth.

Jaime Connolly shot with me for the day covering the guys before the wedding as well as adding her unique perspective to photos throughout the entire day.

I rode the elevator up to the forth floor at Homewood Suites in Dover NH (where I have enjoyed  shooting before) and found Agustini and the girls primping themselves in a spacious bridal suite. We always make great things happen in any weather, but we were delighted to see sunlight pouring through the windows of the suite as the day got underway.

The excitement of the day was contagious among those present in the room.

Meanwhile, Jaime met up with the guys at Holy Trinity in Somersworth.

Shot by Jaime

The plum accented gray tuxes I thought were particularly handsome on this bunch.

Shot by Jaime

Shot by Jaime

Derek poses with his brother and best man, Logan.

Shot by Jaime

Holy Trinity has some of the most stunning features. Floor to ceiling stained glass work and the circle lattice (coming later) created striking portrait backdrops.

Shot by Jaime

In the hotel in Dover, finishing touches were taking place. The suite’s kitchen table allowed the makeup artist room to spread out and do her work.

Agustini gave each bridesmaid a robe embroidered with their name and role.

Maria, Agustini’s sister and maid of honor, pauses to pose for a photo.

It was very easy to remember the bridesmaid’s names.

Maria helps lace the corset back of Agustini’s dress.

Mother of the bride, Cecilia with her daughter.

Cecilia and Maria spend a moment with Agustini before catching a ride to the church.

Maria escorts her sister to the wedding in style.

We converge at Holy Trinity while guests arrive.

Shot by Jaime

Outside the sanctuary, Ben spends a quiet moment with his daughter before walking her down the aisle.

Shot by Jaime

I love to explore perspectives on the story of events. I found that one of the square cells in the background of the photo above was missing its glass. The opening provided a window of opportunity for an interesting perspective on the ceremony.

While I was in the perimeters, I heard the downpour outside raging through vent windows in the church exterior.

Shot by Jaime

The groomsmen show Agustini a little love.

Ben and Cecilia join with Dale and Lisa for a formal portrait.

While strategically placed fans around the church offered comfort from midsummer’s heat and humidity, the wedding party was very grateful for a chance to sit and rest their feet for a different style of wedding party photo.

This circle lattice lent an incredible dynamic to just about any photo. Things like this make photographer’s giddy when we find them. A striking element such as this adds charisma to a photo. On our way out to the car, I took the opportunity to spend a moment with the newlywed couple.

As we arrived at the Oaks for the wedding reception, Jaime took the opportunity to show the table decorations and other details around the Grand Ballroom.

Shot by Jaime
Shot by Jaime

Shot by Jaime

Jaime’s ultra-wide 14mm lens really makes a shot like this sing.

Shot by Jaime

Maria and Logan danced into the Grandview Ballroom as they are introduced.

Their crowd-pleasing performance only raised the bar for showmanship 🙂

At last the crowd rises to their feet to welcome the newlywed couple introduced for the first time together as husband and wife. Derek and Agustini also put on the moves.

The bride and groom treat the audience to a well executed, choreographed first dance togeter.

The crowd grabs a seat as Maria shares tears and laughter with her sister.

Logan’s delivers his well-crafted toast entirely in poetic rhyme.

Hysterical laughter swirls around the room as Logan’s poetry warms the audience.

Ben shares a dance with his daughter.

Lisa, mother of the groom also shares a dance with her son.

Jaime ran the shutter in the open air group photo booth.

The chain saw.

Agustini and Derek proved they had even more moves to show off as they took the center of the dance floor.

Like a finale on the night’s celebration, the couple, wedding party, and guests stepped out onto the back terrace of the Oaks to watch a dazzling display of fireworks by Hilltop Fireworks, also in Somersworth. The thick humidity of the summer evening air blanked the night sky with a sort of dreamy haze.

Agustini and Derek: I had an incredible time with you on your wedding day. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of it!


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    Amazing photos!!!! Thank You for capturing the best moments of my sister and Derek’s special day! Also, Love the picture you got of my daughter ‘Eamilia’. That was on point! 🙂


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