Charles & Jennifer – Glen Magna Farms Danvers MA Autumn Wedding Photography

When Charles and Jenn visited my Manchester studio for the first time, I had the pleasure of hearing their unique engagement story told first hand. At the end of a romantic stroll through Avalon Retreat in Raymond, NH, a magic trick on the dock transformed an ordinary river stone into a gleaming diamond ring. But this was not nearly as cool of an experience as seeing their engagement reenacted. Charles, who is known to friends and families as Chip, and Jennifer hired my good friends at Precious Moments Wedding Films in Hudson, NH for  a specially commissioned film project which recreated the story of their engagement.

Tom and Lisa at Precious Moments graciously agreed to let me photograph alongside their filming to create engagement photos for Charles and Jennifer. I stayed with the couple after the film into the evening for the remainder of their engagement session where we were treated to a royal sunset.

As lovers of nature, art, and as self declared foodies (Charles is a chef and owns his own restaurant), Charles and Jenn chose Glen Magna Farms in Danvers, MA for the scene of their wedding celebration.

On the wedding day 10/5/2013, I was delighted to be joined by Lisa and Meaghan from Precious Moments whom I love working with. I am always amazed at the emotive quality of their work using such an unobtrusive style. As my second shooter, Mandy once again lent her talent and style to help capture the day’s story and detail.

The property at Glen Magna is filled with florals, textures, and architecture, things that make my photographic temperature rise 🙂

Shot by Mandy

The garden tent was arrayed in stunning detail and elegant table decor.

There is a story to these enticing cards set on each table. Inside was a question about the bride or groom whose answer would need to be presented to the couple in exchange for a small key. To discover what the keys unlocked, read on.

These dainty place card holders greeted guests in the mansion veranda.

Shot by Mandy

I made my way up the grand staircase to the bridal suite where Jenn was getting ready. I knew on my way up, that I wanted to come right back out to the staircase to photograph Jenn’s dress. The curve of the wooden stairway creates a beautiful arc to frame her gorgeous dress.

Victorian era furnishings adorn the mansion’s elegant rooms.

Jenn is attended by bridesmaids Heather, Karissa, and Matron on Honor, Leah.

Jenn’s father, John, enters for a moment to behold his daughter as a bride.

Leah presented a poem of memories, good wishes, and friendship for Jenn, who read it aloud to us in the bridal suite.

Jenn and Leah pause for a photo on the grand staircase.

Three generations.

Jenn is joined by her good friends and bridesmaids: Karissa, Heather, and matron of honor, Leah. The long slender stems of the calla lilies add elegant lines to the black and white wedding theme.

Jenn shared a moment of excitement and anticipation with her future mother in law before the wedding.

As I created images around the mansion, I encountered a second legacy of of love unfolding on this special day. Jenn’s grandmother showed me a photo of her beloved husband of 46 years years which she had brought to the wedding, a likeness of which is also tattooed on her arm.

In the quiet moments preceding, Jenn awaits the ceremony in the ornate halls of the mansion.

Meanwhile, Mandy met up with Charles and the guys who started their own preparations in the “Groom’s Room”.

Shot by Mandy
Shot by Mandy
Shot by Mandy
Shot by Mandy

Once the guys were ready to head out, Mandy used the hanging plants and brick to compose a portrait of the groom.

Shot by Mandy

Charles is joined by his groomsmen: Brother of the groom and Best Man, Tim, brother of the bride, Roger, Brad (who also served as officiant), and Jeff.

On Facebook, someone called this photo “bad ass”. I am hardly inclined to disagree.

Shot by Mandy
Shot by Mandy
Shot by Mandy

Gathered guests move into the main garden at Glen Magna to await the start of the ceremony processional.

Shot by Mandy

At last, Charles beholds his bride.

Shot by Mandy

An intricate and symbolic design unfolded in the ceremony rituals. Intent-fully departing from tradition, Charles and Jenn designed their own ceremony rites bringing together intricate and symbolic elements which expressed their passion and love for each other. Included were elements of earth, wind, fire, and water, wherein a seed was planted to begin their new life together.

A small hint of excitement can be detected upon their pronouncement as husband and wife 😉

As we made our way to the rose garden, I caught glimpse of another moment pervaded by the same ecstatic joy.

We made our way to the rose garden for portraits and cocktails with the wedding party.

Charles and Jennifer are joined by Charles’ mother, Sharon, brother and Best Man, Tim, and his father, Charlie.

Jenn’s grandmother and parents, John and Kathy, join them with Jenn’s brother, Roger.

Part way through photos, the wedding party raised their glasses for a toast.

Being strong foodies, Charles and Jenn paid incredible attention to their food selections and wine pairings (fabulously prepared, I might add, by Fireside Catering).

Seasonal mulled apple cider was served alongside a vast array of tasty delights in the tent.

Bottom Shot by Mandy

Remember those keys each table could earn by hunting down a special tidbit about the bride and groom? During the evening, these treasure chests were presented to each table which revealed personalized favors for each guest.

Shot by Mandy

As the cool of the autumn evening descended on the farm, the night was just beginning to heat up as the celebration continued in the tent.

Shot by Mandy

Chip and Jenn: I hope this page allows you to relive once again the beauty and splendor of your wedding day. May you lose yourselves in the memories these images connote. Thank you so much for letting me document the visual record of your wedding and create art that encases the magic of these moments for a lifetime to come.


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    Stunning photos, as usual. My favorites are of the bride on the staircase with her veil on the landing, and the view from below the champagne glasses. You captured this day beautifully.

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    Leah says:

    WOW! Ron, you are simply the BEST at your craft! What a range of emotions I had while viewing this blog…. You did an AMAZING job capturing every ounce in your photographs! I could look at their pictures all day!!!!!!!!!! Wow….

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