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Love Stories: Bob and Sheila ~ Wedding Anniversary Celebration Photography

So this is going to be a bit of an atypical post for me, but I am excited to share it. This couple is not planning a wedding. This couple is not newly married.

But to tell you the truth, there was very little difference between this couple and my newly engaged couples. 40 years. That’s how long it’s been since Bob and Sheila met each other at the front of a little church.

These photos remind me of what my job is really about: It’s not just the wedding. It’s the marriage. The wedding is a pivotal, monumental moment in time where a love story’s biggest chapter is written. The rest of the pages are filled in the remainder of a couple’s life together.

To me, Bob and Sheila model a life of “together”: not even close to perfect. Far from easy. But together, and still in love.

We spent a warm, pleasant, summer evening at the Massabesic Audubon Center in Auburn, NH where tall grass and open fields are bathed in lush, golden evening light.

To make the occasion fun and memorable, Bob opened his trunk to show me a few surprises he had packed. Keep reading for more on that.










For our first bit of fun, Bob pulled out a mini-costume he had assembled.  It’s hard to look at this photo and not smile.


The picnic basket he is holding provided our second special highlight of the evening: a classic wooden wicker basket, a memento from time spent together years ago. Inside was packed small delights to share as the evening air began to settle: cheese, strawberries, and wine from Zorvino’s Vineyard in Sandown, NH appears from the basket.





Keepsake wine glasses, kept through the years, made an appearance for a toast.










I think this type of photography has an understated meaning. I look forward to exploring the opportunity to tell more couple’s love stories in this way.