Katie and Adam – Flag Hill Winery New Hampshire Wedding Photography

If there is one reason why New England is loved above all, it would perhaps be the changing of seasons and the array of expressions it gives to our senses. On Sept 20, the day of Katie and Adam’s wedding, we landed on the corner of summer and fall and with this change came some of the very best from each season.

Rich greens and warm breezes spread over the lush grounds of Flag Hill Winery’s vineyard as the sweet aroma of grapes ready for harvest permeated the air and carried across the landscape. I arrived at Flag Hill before the wedding party to photograph around the property and capture the many thoughtfully planned details arranged throughout the venue.

When you add onto this backdrop the vibrant color scheme, creative ideas,  and the many welcoming friends and family that I met, you have a recipe for an unforgettable day of love and laughter. I am so pleased to be able to share with you some of the best photos from this wonderful experience below!

Wedding Profile

Here are some of the key locations and vendors for the day:

Mandy joined me for the day as second shooter, covering the groom and the guys and adding lots of great shots to the day’s visual storytelling.

The Wedding Story

A tour of the grounds or a stroll through the vineyard will pretty quickly convey Flag Hill Winery’s desirability as a wedding venue.


Before the wedding Katie told me about how excited she was about her decor, and in particular the florals she chose. Paint hues of teal, fuchsia, indigo, and purple onto grape vines, hydrangea, and (my new personal favorite) celosia, and you’ve surrounded yourself with the vibrant elements of Katie and Adam’s wedding theme.


In mid to late September, not only are the grapes plump and ripe, but their sweet aroma carries on the breeze as you move about the area. It was incredible. I have photographed at vineyards before, but I don’t think I have ever smelled the aroma this intensely. I think the timing for their harvest and wind direction were perfectly aligned.


Decorative window shutters arranged behind the guest welcome table displayed family photos which included the couples’ parents’ weddings. A signature canvas wrap from Katie and Adam’s engagement session at Gould Hill Farm in Contoocook NH (where we just went with our kids to pick apples a couple weeks ago) laid out for guests to sign upon.


I was especially fond of the dried grape vines in Katie’s bouquet. This bouquet is the reason I am now a fan of celosia (I had never encountered this mesmerizing plant before today). I love the weaving “brain-like” pattern and the way the orange under color fades into the surrounding fuchsia.





I love texture: brick, stone, wood, and of course, rustic and weathered wood. I spare no opportunity to use them when they avail themselves to the camera.


I met Katie outside the bridal suite when the limo arrived with the ladies. After a few quick “before” photos, the preparations began.





Katie’s mother, Susan, shares a moment with her daughter as she is fitted in her wedding dress.




Meanwhile, Mandy met up with Adam and the guys for pre-ceremony photos of the groom and groomsmen. While I was spending time photographing the ladies in the bridal suite, a gift arrived from Adam. Inside, a personally engraved locket, bearing their initials and the wedding date was to be found.





Adam is joined by groomsmen Thomas Jr (brother of the bride), Nate, Tyler, best man Matt, ring bearer Brendan, and groomsmen John.


Katie poses with maid of honor, Kelli. Best man, Matt poses with Adam.


Katie is joined by bridesmaids Amanda (sister of the groom), Nicole, maid of honor Kelli, Jen, and Ashley.



The ceremony began at the pergola as enchanting sounds from harpist De Luna filled the air.


Katie is escorted down the aisle by her father Thomas and grandfather Dennis.




Flag Hill’s own Frank (JP) presided over the ceremony with his usual hospitality and warmth.







This shot just makes me smile.


Katie and Adam are joined by Thomas Jr (brother of the bride), Susan (mother of the bride), and Thomas Sr (father of the bride).


Here, Adam’s family joins the newlywed couple: Amanda (sister of the groom), Caroline (mother of the groom) and Wayne (father of the groom).


Susan’s mother, Maggie, joins her and granddaughter Katie. Three generations, a legacy of love.










Katie and Adam’s wedding contained so many intricate details. When I first started photographing the cake, I thought it was on a decorative stand, similar to the adjacent serving stand. I couldn’t believe my eyes when it was cut into revealing it was actually meticulously painted fondant resembling bark.



A night of dancing and entertainment from DJ Lori D, a candy bar, and a fireworks display were among the many delights awaiting guests during the evening. Late into the night, Flag Hill rolled out a make-your-own taco bar as a “midnight snack”.