Alexis and Steve – Gunstock Resort and Laconia New Hampshire Wedding Photography

I am delighted to tell you about a wonderful occasion on Oct 11, 2014 and the day I spent with Alexis, Steve, and their families and friends. The story does not start on this day, however.

I met Alexis on another such wonderful occasion back in 2012 when I photographed the wedding of her sister, Bethany. (Here is a peek back in time to Bethany and Scott’s wedding). After Bethany’s wedding, Alexis and I became friends on Facebook though it wasn’t till a few months later when my wife and I were in Las Vegas for WPPI in early 2013 that I saw images in my feed from Alexis that suggested she and her then boyfriend Steve were across the street from us in the adjacent hotel on the strip. I shot her a quick message and lo and behold, she and Steve were actually there to attend a wedding of one of their friends.

We ended up meeting up for drinks where I got the opportunity to meet Steve, see Alexis again, and hang out a bit during the conference together. Forgive the grainy cell phone pic haha. The hostess at the restaurant was kind enough to snap it for us.


After a great time socializing, we parted ways. Later that year I saw big news abounding on facebook when I learned that Alexis and Steve were expecting a precious little one and were engaged!

I was nothing short of excited when they contacted me to talk about creating imagery for their wedding.

Earlier this year I met Alexis and Steve for their engagement session in Laconia at a place dear to Alexis’s heart, the public library. We had a wonderful time around the building and nearby grounds. Check out the photo on the stone entry way of the library. You will be seeing that spot again later as we go on.

Fast forward to the fall of 2014 and here we  start today’s story of their beautiful church wedding followed by reception at Gunstock Resort in Gilford, New Hampshire.


Wedding Profile

Here are some of the key locations and vendors for the day:

Jaime joined me for the day as second shooter, covering the groom and the guys and adding lots of great shots to the day’s visual storytelling.


The Wedding

I started the day at Alexis’ parents’ home in Laconia, NH amidst no shortage of excitement and busyness as the arrangements and preparations were well under way for the day ahead.




Alexis is assisted by her sister and matron of honor, Bethany.


With a personal touch, Alexis’ bouquet was wrapped with lace from her mother Marcia’s own wedding gown.

In keeping with tradition, her something blue was…Something Blue!


There was a lot of excitement around the house. With mommy dutifully occupied getting dressed, that extra excitement was a teeny bit much for little Amelia. Not to fear. Alexis’ father, Gary, took her and offered comfort and support while her mother was busy.







Back at the Gunstock Inn, Jaime met up with Steve and grabbed some shots.


I love the nice colorful touch the red sumac added to the frame, not to mention the mountain view.


 The First Look

We all connected back at the library for the reveal, the first look, where Steve would see his bride for the first time on the wedding day. He awaited patiently.


Alexis steels a peek as she approaches.















As family and friends headed to the church I escorted Alexis in my “stretch Subaru” after off-roading over the curbs following behind Bethany to get into the parking lot (that’s a whole other blog post haha I normally park straighter 🙂


Alexis is joined by her bridesmaids: sister of the groom Heather, sister of the groom Erin, Michaela, cousin of the bride Catherine, Heather, Renee, Heidi, and sister of the bride and matron of honor Bethany.






Bethany and father of the groom Brian try to comfort Amelia during the ceremony.





As the wedding mass continues, Alexis peeks over her shoulder at Amelia’s pram.


Father Marc graciously pauses so Alexis can pick up Amelia and hold her.


A second section of lace from Marcia’s wedding gown adorned little baby Amelia’s gown.



The wedding mass included the baptism of Amelia.





Back at Gunstock, wonderful things awaited including gourmet cupcakes and of course an evening of festivity and dancing.










Steve poses with his best man, Corey.








This shot is a legacy of love. Gary and Marcia join Nancy and Brian for a special photo with the newlyweds.



Now, you all have very likely seen the popular shots circulating heavily online of a wedding party being chased by a giant tyrannosaurus rex. (If not, Google it). I’ve seen them a lot.

I decided it would be funner for a giant wedding party to be chasing the t-rex. I call this shot: “Wedding Party’s Revenge”.







The shoe game is never short of laughs. For those who may not know, the couple are asked a series of questions. Raising a shoe answers whether each person thinks him/herself or their spouse more closely matches the answer.






Alexis and Steve: It was such a wonderful pleasure to work with you guys for your wedding with the added bonus of getting to see Bethany and Scott again of course.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed creating them.





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  1. Marcia
    Marcia says:

    Ron, once again I am speechless! These pictures show the story of a beautiful day. I see the emotions, the smiles and laughter. Ok some crying too…such love here…
    Thankyou again..M

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