Marisa and Dave – Bedford Village Inn New Hampshire Autumn Wedding Photography

When I first met Marisa and her mother Jeanette in my Manchester NH studio gallery, I was thrilled to be among their chosen vendors for their lovely November wedding in 2014. Last fall I met with Dave and Marisa up at Plymouth State University (where they first met) for their engagement session amid autumn color and  fall foliage. Here are a few of our shots below.

On 11/1/2014 I had the opportunity to create wedding imagery for Marisa and Dave and spend the day with their wonderful families and friends in Bedford, New Hampshire.


Wedding Profile

Here are some of the key locations and wedding vendors who helped make the day a reality:

Kendal joined me for the day as second shooter, covering the groom and the guys and adding lots of great shots to the day’s visual storytelling (and of course, making the day all that much more fun).


The Wedding

The distinct New England styling and classic grandeur of the Bedford Village Inn is something that many couples are attracted to for their weddings. Not to mention the hospitality and incredible chef-inspired food (which has drawn my wife and I to their doors on more than one occasion). I think the same can be said for Marisa, Dave and their families who chose BVI for the same reasons.


The interior of the great hall at the inn:


The thematic elements of Marisa and Dave’s wedding were seasonal and welcoming.


When I arrived at BVI and found Marisa, makeup artist (and MS New Hampshire US 2013) Lisa Van Orden was busily engaged in her craft.


I found Marisa’s bridesmaids relaxing, sipping beverages, and watching the film “Bridesmaids” while preparations continued.


Marisa’s sister and maid of honor, Kristen, holds a wooden hand-crafted ring box.







As I spent time with Marisa and the ladies in the bridal suite, I happen to notice a hand written letter sitting out on the coffee table from Dave, sent to Marisa earlier in the day.


Of course BVI was the ideal setting for the wedding day, but Mother Nature was not quite cooperating with what we wanted. Marisa peers out the balcony window to check on the precipitation in hopes of a window of opportunity for an outdoor ceremony in the courtyard.


Marisa’s mother, Jeanette, designed and created the bouquets with rich autumn hues.





Keep a mental snapshot of these two bed poses above, especially the smooch shot. You will see why in a little bit below.

As she is about to get into her wedding dress, Marisa starts to really feel the love.


Marisa’s mother, Jeanette, helps with the final dress fitting and details.




While Marisa’s bridesmaids were waiting in the living room of the suite, we decided to use the time for a little fun.



Apart from Marisa’s mother, no one had seen her yet in her wedding dress. We decided to make it an event by surprising everyone with the reveal.


Marisa poses with her sister and maid of honor Kristen.




Jeanette with her two beautiful daughters.



With plenty of time in front of us, we decided to expand into the inn’s Milk Room. (Sidebar: The origin of this room’s name still remains at large. In the mornings, there is coffee service in this room, while others swear to have seen cow figurines somewhere in the room.) If you want to have ample opportunity for lots of shots before the ceremony, four hours is definitely the right amount of time.

Marisa is joined by bridesmaids Krystal, Amanda, Emily, Kelly, Alicia, Jillian, sister and maid of honor Kristen, Jaime, and Krista.


After the shot above, the girls requested a “Kardashian-esque” shot variation. I could feel these stares passing right through me haha.




As we all watched and waited to see what the day would bring, Dave arrived at the inn ready to begin his own preparations.



Best man Jake assists Dave with his traditional Scottish formal attire.


Remember the aforementioned shots on the bed with the bridesmaids above? Well, Kendal and the guys thought they would count it all joy to have a spot of fun and echo the girls’ shots.



Dave is joined by his father,  David Sr., for a shot before the ceremony.


Dave is joined by groomsmen Mark, brother of the bride Nick, Neil, Best Man Jake, Jimmy, DJ, and Jordan.





Even though we waited patiently until the last possible minute, the rain would spare us no mercy. The ceremony was moved indoors into the great hall.




Michael escorts his daughter down the aisle.





In keeping with tradition, Dave and Marisa literally “tie the knot”.





Dave pauses for a photo with his mother, Julie.




Jeanette is joined by her mother and her daughter.


I would just like to point out that this bunch were troopers. This was not a break in the weather. Everyone here was totally standing/smiling in the rain for this shot. But we really wanted to get one outside in front of the building so thanks to the wedding party for hanging in there for a couple photos outdoors.


The overhead of the front entryway provided a covering from the elements.




By this time, it was really coming down. But I don’t think that subtracted from the photos we created. Rather, the light and rain brought us a touch of evening magic out in the courtyard at BVI.








As the guests assembled at their tables in the great hall, DJ Brandon Lloyd introduced the newlywed couple and led into their first dance together as husband and wife.




Now those that know Marisa know that there is one other person in addition to Dave that makes her temperature rise. Her close friends know just who that is, so they serenaded the new Mr and Mrs and the entire room with a stunning a capella performance of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” before the cake cutting.




Brandon got the crowd out on the floor for a big group photo to kick off the night of dancing.


Dancing on the balcony. Dancing on the sofa (to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”, I think it was).


More chair dancing followed by…


more balcony dancing 🙂



I have no idea what movie poster this resembles 😉




I adore the vintage wooden phone booth at BVI. I like using it for romantic photographs even more.


This wonderful wedding was really a family affair. It was a night that I was thrilled to spend with close friends and the best of wedding vendor talent. Below, Marisa and Dave are joined by: DJ Brandon Lloyd of Get Down Tonight and his wife Meaghan of Precious Moments Video, friend and bridesmaid Amanda (Meaghan’s sister) and Lisa (Meaghan and Amanda’s mother) also of Precious Moments video.

I love this bunch 🙂


Marisa and Dave,  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed making them. I wish blessings to both of you as you begin your life together. This is only the beginning. So much more to come!




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  1. Kristen
    Kristen says:

    I can’t stop looking at the photos! Thank you Ron for capturing this amazingly beautiful wedding. These photos are just stunning.

  2. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    Ron these are amazing!! The photos are absolutely gorgeous, and your commentary ties everything together perfectly! We couldn’t be happier, thank you so much!

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