Kelly and Josh – Castle in the Clouds Autumn New Hampshire Wedding Photography

I first met Kelly four years ago at her brother’s wedding over on the New Hampshire seacoast. Kelly’s brother, Tom and his wife Katelyn are not only past wedding clients and good friends, but a lovely sunset photo from their wedding is also part of my studio logo.

Kelly and Josh are from New Hampshire and Vermont respectively, but they met and live on the west coast. When I first spoke to Josh and Kelly over the phone about their wedding, I was delighted to get to know Josh and look forward to working with Kelly and her family again.

I got to meet Josh in person this past spring for their engagement session over at some of my favorite spots deep inside Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, New Hampshire. (The beach and trails up to Frost Point are a fantastic location for photos or a serene walk along the shore, I recommend a visit sometime.) Here are a few of the photos from our time in Rye.

Kelly and Josh chose Castle in the Clouds in Moultonborough, New Hampshire for their October wedding and I think if you enjoy the panoramic sunset photos coming a little later on, you’ll easily understand the location’s appeal.

Wedding Profile

Here are the highlights of the day:

Mandy joined me for the day as second shooter, spending time with Josh and the guys, shooting lost of scrumptious details around the room, and contributing to the day’s visual storytelling.

Getting Ready At The Inn at Mill Falls

I connected with Kelly and the ladies at the Inn at Mill Falls in Meredith, New Hampshire which is nestled alongside the historic mill site across from Lake Winnipesaukee.


I found my way to the beautiful Bell Tower Suite (complete with private balcony over the top of the falls) and found warm, soft light and lush detail arrayed about the room.




Kelly writes a card for Josh to be delivered later in the evening back at the Carriage House (stay tuned for more on that).


Kelly opens her gift from Josh as wedding day preparations continue.




Before heading to the Castle, we found a little slice of time to visit the village around the inn and create a few portraits by the falls.





Getting Ready With The Guys

Of course the Olde Orchard Inn just wouldn’t bear it’s name as well without the quaint New England apple orchard on its grounds. Mandy found her way to the inn and took some beautiful environmental and getting ready shots of Josh and guys as they made their way to the castle for the wedding day proceedings.






I have not edited this next shot full size yet, but I am pretty sure if you look closely you can see Mr. Miyagi on the opposite shore.


The First Look on the Ridge

As I scrolled my lens across the panoramic spread of the New Hampshire lakes region in front of me, I got to thinking: despite the mystique of the name, you actually don’t want too many clouds at Castle in the Clouds. Shots like this next one are the reason. On a day like this, Lake Winnipesaukee spans the landscape in crystal clarity in front of Gunstock Mountain in the distance.


Kelly and I rode up the hill to the castle where Josh was waiting for the first look: a first moment for the groom to spend with his bride on the wedding day before the ceremony.


I chose the lower precipice around the castle for the reveal for it’s seclusion and panoramic vista. Joe helps his sister down the stairs to the ledge as she makes her way to Josh.



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Shots like this are the reason you have your wedding at Castle in the Clouds. Back at the summit, the wedding party joins us for a photo before guests gather for the ceremony.


Back at the Carriage House, the ladies enjoy a toast.


The Ceremony in the Garden

Under a sapphire blue canopy, the dahlia and hydrangea blooms still fragranting the garden air, a stream of trolley’s begin to arrive delivering guests to our perch atop the New Hampshire lakes region.


As the stage set for the ceremony to begin, I rode back to the castle on the trolley with the ladies.


Kelly spends a moment with her father before he escorts her down the aisle.


The warmth of the sun’s afternoon rays showered down on the ceremony. Our six lovely flower girls made their way ahead of Kelly.




During an atypical cold snap the first week of October, the temps up at the castle qualified well into the chilly range. Everyone had different ways of managing body warmth. Some were especially creative…














The Celebration in the Carriage House

With golden sunlight still flooding into the Carriage House, the stage is set for the celebration to follow.



Homemade New England pies, perfect for autumn!


Kelly and Josh were prepared for all contingencies at their reception, as you can see.





In a quiet moment near the fireplace downstairs, the cards which Kelly and Josh had prepared for each other were opened.


The cake cutting included a nice clean slice, and perfect placement by Josh.


Now you know how packed each wedding story is. The remainder of Kelly and Josh’s evening was no exception. I regret that this blog post could not possibly contain all moments which would fill the remainder of the night’s celebration. But even though I can’t show you the entirety of the rest of the reception, don’t think for moment that it did not include…

The groomsmen dancing with the groom…


A bridal serenade…


The Cupid Shuffle…


An HDM (human dancing mass)…


A catwalk…


Vendor shenanigans…


Or a cell phone selfie with the couple.


This gorgeous evening light almost seems to shine out at me from my computer screen.



Kelly and Josh: Thank you for allowing me into this part of your story. The opportunity to record the color, emotion, and memory of each of these moments of your wedding day is a privilege I cherish. Kelly, it was a delight to work with you and see your wonderful family once again. Josh, it was a wonderful pleasure to get to know you, your parents, brothers, and close friends over the course of the day. It is my hope that encased in the vividness of each of these images and the many that follow you find many timeless treasures to share with each other throughout your lifetime together.



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  1. Kelly Bozetarnik
    Kelly Bozetarnik says:

    Ron, I was just looking at our blog again and it brought tears to my eyes (not surprising) and I wanted to thank you again for creating such a beautiful compilation and really meaningful notes throughout the entire thing. Josh and I really appreciate everything. I don’t think we can thank you enough!!!

  2. Jama Thornton Millar
    Jama Thornton Millar says:

    Ron….When my kids get married, I want you to fly out to San Diego to record the experience. I have never seen a more amazing display.

  3. June Rich
    June Rich says:

    What a luminous day! The setting was a slice of heaven. The company was extraordinary! The bride a groom a perfect love story!

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