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Senior Style

A senior photo experience unlike any other

Our seniors speak for themselves

You have arrived. This is your time. You need senior pictures. You want them. But you want to love them…

Some high school seniors know exactly what they want from their senior photos. Some know exactly what they don’t want. Others just aren’t sure what is truly possible. We get it.

This is where we come in. We want to create the photos that others wish they had. N-Lighten Seniors are among our favorite clients to collaborate with to create something truly unique. Something truly you.

We have 20 years combined experience of making a distinct vision with style and personality come alive in the camera, on the walls, and online. We come to the table brimming with ideas and vision. We can help you guide. Or we can take your idea and run.

The Senior Experience

Let us bring your style to light

Why Choose N-Lighten

We know you have choices. We know it matters. We want to create photos you can’t wait to show off. That is why we put so much into our senior picture sessions. From planning, to wardrobe, to the last detail. We believe you look your best when you feel at your best. That’s why we settle for nothing less. You shouldn’t either.

  • True Professionals

    N-Lighten photography is created by photographers like David and Ron who are certified and recognized by Professional Photographers of America. We have 20 years of combined experience and expertise from planning to putting the final polish on the finished product.

  • Personal. Creative. Fun.

    We can’t do this unless you feel like yourself. That’s what makes all the difference. We take the time to get to know you, so you can get to know us and feel comfortable. And in your element.

  • Senior Model Experience

    Ask about our Senior Rep program. We are looking for fun, creative, energetic, outgoing and enthusiastic models to share your N-Lighten experience and feature your shots in our marketing and social media.

Thirsty for more? Get the low-down on senior photography offerings and pricing.

Senior Details

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